Vond, What?!

About us

If you're like us, you probably have a hard time shopping online in your city and realizing this, VondME the shopping experience from your local city to the easiest place, your mobile phone! Founded in 2018, VondME proposes the digitalization of our cities through the digitalization of local business. We work incessantly day after day to improve the lives of our users by giving them an innovative platform that allows them to interact with their city's businesses in a different and unusual way. Imagine a world where you have access to the inventory in all you local stores and be able to purchase any product in your city with just one click away.

Your greatest asset is your time so why waste it in traffic or in lines? You need to buy your dogs food? Join VondME, find establishments in your area, buy and receive wherever you want!

At VondME we envision a near future where all businesses will be available for consumption through a single application, but why stop there? We aim to create a digitalized future where you can access a restaurantes menu by scanning a QR code and pay directly from your phone, project furniture in your home to find out if it fits in that environment and much more! For this the first step has just been taken! We believe in much more than connecting you with the products and services of your city, we connect you with your freedom!


Be a big influencer of the digitalized city by digitizing the trades!


We envision a future where trades will be 100% available in one application and there will be no more necessity to travel, have dozens of applications or cash to do business.


We want to be the driving force of technological evolution, working on the fine line between innovator and madness! We value constant evolution and business integrity!