Our Solutions

Your digital showcase has arrived!

The digital showcase is your company's best way to work with e-commerce without spending a lot of money on developers and maintenance.

The digital showcase provides you with an environment for you to register your store's products and easily sell online. It will be available on your customer's mobile phone whenever he wants to consult your products, prices, services and finalize a purchase with your store.

Not only will you have an online sales channel, but you will also be entered into the largest local electronic mall! Be seen, remembered and increase your revenue!

We are the best option for you to sell in your city

Your showcase will provide you with an efficient sales channel directly between you and your consumers. Your customer often finds it difficult to reach your store for a lack of a regional search engine. With VondME, they will find your products and services with ease!

What we offer

Virtual Showcase

Post products to your virtual storefront and easily sell online via desktop and mobile.

Financial Management

Keep track of the sales being made.

Orders Management

Manage your store orders.

Control your offers

Manage your current and future offers.

Virtual Stock Management

Easy virtual inventory management.